*sniff* *sniff*

… MEOW! 

Life is too short to never tell someone the words, “I love you.”

For someone very special in my life.

I miss you.
The Only Thing I Look Forward To.

Your smile.

I know.

Things are supposed to come and go in our lives.

If I could only make one element of my life permanent…

That would be you.

I love you.

[Written for the girl that makes me smile everyday, Kat.]

Lois Lane.

Is one sexy lady.


I have a good job in a good place.

I have the greatest girlfriend on the planet too.

I’m surrounded by great and talented people as well.

I’m happy and I won’t take it for granted.

An Old Shirt.

Last night I rolled away into the depths of my bed holding something close to me.

It was a shirt you wore that carried the aromas of your essence.

I’ve grown quite fond of you.

I love you and everything about you.

Cute smiles and laughs to go with… 

I wrap your shirt between my arms and hold it close to me as I lay alone in the dark.

The cold bed sheets contrast the warmth in me.

A bit of sadness too as tears fill my eyes and they roll down the crescent of my face.

I miss you.

Vials of Blue.

It takes one drop from the vial of blue that’ll make you want to blackout under the stars and dream that the next day would come.

I’m obsessed with you and I don’t want it to stop.